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Company Profile

Company name

Noritaka Ueda

Head office location
No.160B, Group 7, Tan Lap Hamlet, An Dien Commune, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

June 4, 2014

Business description
Manufacture and sale of bags
・Manufacture of travel bags (suitcases, carry cases)
・Manufacturing business bags
・Manufacturing backpacks

Tax code

Contact information

TEL : +84 274.3.592.885-6-7 / FAX +84 274.3.592.889
Email : ueda.soukivn@gmail.com
WEBSITE www.souki.vn

Top Message

Since its founding, we have long been involved in the travel bag business.
Especially in the rental business, we have pursued bags with high cost performance.
Today, we use that knowledge to produce products with high cost performance.
In addition, the products produced are not limited to travel applications, but are of various types.

Please leave OEM / ODM production too.
After understanding your needs, we will propose the optimal cost performance product.

Manufacture of luggages(suitcases) & bags and sale

(1) Souki started manufacturing luggages(suitcases) & bags from Shanghai, China since 2004.(own manufacturing factory)

(2) 2015: Currently, the manufacturing base has been moved to Vietnam Ho chi minh, the connections and experience we have cultivated in Shanghai have had a major impact on the procurement of high-quality and inexpensive materials.

(3) Vietnamese staff are also very dexterous and serious, and their work quality is surprisingly high.

(4) Our products achieve high quality and low price by using high-quality and low-priced materials in China and by Vietnamese people produce with high technology carefully with hands.